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Located on S Main Street in California City, California, Imerex’s sorting and receiving office epitomizes efficiency and convenience in logistics operations. Strategically positioned, the office serves as a pivotal hub for seamless distribution and coordination across California and beyond.

Imerex goes above and beyond to ensure that this location is ideal for its operations. With a keen eye for detail, the company selects prime locations that offer accessibility, ample space, and modern infrastructure. The California City office embodies these principles, boasting state-of-the-art facilities equipped with advanced sorting and receiving technologies.


Strategically positioned in Paranaque City, Philippines, Imerex’s location is ideal for managing multiple mobility and truck fleets. Situated near major airports, this strategic hub facilitates seamless transportation logistics, ensuring swift movement of goods both domestically and internationally. With ample space and easy access to key transport arteries, Imerex’s Paranaque facility is poised to meet the demands of modern supply chain management with efficiency and reliability.



Located in Pampanga, Philippines, Imerex’s location strategically caters to the logistical demands of North Luzon. Positioned at the heart of a thriving commercial hub, the facility offers seamless access to major highways, facilitating efficient trucking operations throughout the region. Situated strategically to serve the unique needs of North Luzon’s market, Imerex’s Pampanga hub ensures timely and reliable distribution of goods. With a commitment to excellence, bolstered by its prime location, clients can trust Imerex to navigate the complexities of supply chain management with precision and expertise.

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