Frequently Asked Questions

You may use the tracking system on our website: track.i-merexgroup.com. 

Or contact our customer service hotlines:

Philippines: Office hours (Monday – Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm)


Manila Landline – (02) 8826 4475, (02) 8826 0472, (02) 8856 7933, (02) 8825 5728

Manila Mobile/ Whatsapp – (0906) 426 0114, (0915) 911 4815, (0947) 311 4315, (0932) 202 9257

Pampanga Mobile/ Whatsapp – (0939) 435 1451

To preserve and secure the privacy of our clients, we can only track your cargoes and provide the status with your tracking number tracking only.

To preserve and secure the privacy of our clients, we can only track your cargoes and provide the status with your tracking number tracking only.

Each location has different prices depending on origin and destination. Please contact our customer service for more details. 

Landline – (310) 549 9999,

Mobile/ Whatsapp – (424) 200 3792

Jumbo box – 24” x 17” x 25”

Yes we accept any kind or type of boxes even if it is not from IMEREX.

  • illegal, restricted items
  • contraband, 
  • goods more than 24 pieces of each kind,
  • anything exceeding $500,
  • water, petrol products, fluids, and other liquid products that may damage 
  • cash, gold, jewelries, 
  • automobiles, dismantled auto parts, car spare parts (A.K.A. “chop-chop”), 
  • guns, ammunitions, grenades, night vision scope, gun parts, military equipment including weapon slings, explosives, holster, any weapon parts and other electronic military gadgets, defense article or items with military or proliferation applications,
  • prohibited drugs including but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, barbituates, heroin, etc. and prescription drugs (prescription attached), drug paraphernalia, 
  • absinthe (alcohol), alcoholic beverages,
  • hazardous materials, 
  • biological (for example, but not limited to, cremains or ashes) 
  • plants and seeds, 
  • soil, 
  • dog and cat fur, fish and wildlife, game and hunting trophies, pets
  • ceramic tableware, cultural artifacts and pottery, Haitian animal hide drums
  • food products such as cheese, meat, fruits and vegetables, livestock and poultry, perishable food items
  • merchandise from embargoed countries
  • textile (roll)
  • used clothing of commercial quantity (Ukay-ukay in bales)
  • articles that infringe intellectual property rights of their owners
  • pornographic materials.

Should there be contraband, illegal and restricted items be found in an IMEREX box, the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security will seize these items in accordance with United States Code Title 19, 1594 and Title 22, 401 and violators will be fined and/or prosecuted accordingly. IMEREX also reserves the right to sue the sender to the fullest extent of the law. The Sender will be responsible for paying the total cost of inspection and damages that will be incurred in the course of examination and the cost of legal proceedings and delays. Read the entire IMEREX TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE which is also on the back of every invoice and is signed by and agreed to by every sender.

The limit of liability assumed and payable by IMEREX is a maximum amount of $200.00 for every IMEREX jumbo box (24” x 17” x 25”).

– If your bottle has a pump, make sure that the pump is in the locked position.
– It is best if liquid containers have the Security Rings, Bottle Seals or Tamper Resistant Sealing still intact.
– Use plastic wrap, packing tape, and plastic bags to ensure that your liquids are packed properly.
– When packing liquid containers in your box, it is best to avoid putting them alongside the walls of the box or next to metal, canned goods, or anything with a sharp edges.

 – If your bottle has the seal, use a plastic wrap of your choice and preference to wrap around the opening of the container. Using packing tape, tightly wrap the tape around (and over) the plastic wrap and container to make sure that the tape stays in place. Place liquid in a plastic bag. 

 – If your bottle does not have a seal, tape the cap off of the container and place (about 1-2 feet wide of) plastic wrap over the opening, placing the opening in the middle edge of the wrap, then put the cap back on tightly on top of the plastic wrap. Use the excess plastic wrap to seal the outside of the cap to the container. Using packing tape, tightly wrap around and over the plastic wrap and the container to make sure that the tape stays in place. Place liquid in a plastic bag.

We do not have a weight limit when sending through IMEREX, however we do charge an extra fee for heavy boxes/items for a couple of reasons:
1) While IMEREX boxes are sturdy, they are built to sustain only a certain amount of weight. Should our clients decide to pack a box with more than the limit, the integrity of the package is compromised and risks being delivered improperly (i.e. with holes, damage to the goods inside, etc.) and it is in our best interests to make sure our clients’ consignees receive their packages intact.
2) If a box is excessively heavy, we require more than one person per box to carry it, especially when we deliver it in remote areas in the Philippines. Thank you for understanding that we only want what is best for the integrity of the boxes and for the safety and concern of our agents and employees.

No, IMEREX do not open boxes, however US or Philippines Customs require spot-checking on shipping containers. They are looking to confirm packing lists match the actual contents of the balikbayan boxes and that there are no illegal items. This process may cause a delay, especially if a discrepancy is found. We encourage honest and thorough packing lists since IMEREX does not open boxes to verify contents. Every customer is responsible for being truthful and lawful.